ArduinoTrack, Assembled

The ArduinoTrack assembled and tested.

The ArduinoTrack board is a complete APRS tracking system, designed for high altitude ballooning, and other applications where size, power considerations, and interoperability is important.  The standard ArduinoTrack does require a transmitter to be added to the system, whereas the ArduinoTrack with HX-1 includes the transmitter section.

Included with the ArduinoTrack:

  • Integrated UBlox GPS module and antenna
  • BMP-180 temperature sensor and barometric pressure sensor
  • 6-pin interface connector for attaching external radio
  • Battery voltage sensing
  • Piezo element for audio annunciation
  • Stackable headers to interface to an Arduino and/or Arduino shields

There are only a few extra components needed to put the tracking system on the air.  These are:

  • External transmitter such as a handheld radio.
  • 5V TTL-level serial cable for configuring the settings
  • ArduinoTrack Configuration tool (a free download)
  • A battery pack with a 2.1mm barrel connector capable of 7-12VDC (a two-cell Lipo battery works perfectly)
  • An antenna tuned to operate at 144.39MHz

For more information about the ArduinoTrack system, see the Project: Traveler project page and read the ArduinoTrack Instruction Manual.

Note: A valid amateur radio (Ham) radio licensed is required for operation of this tracker on the amateur frequencies.