The ArduinoTrack is the all-in-one APRS tracker, specifically designed for high altitude ballooning.  With built-in temperature, barometric pressure, and battery voltage monitoring capabilities, it can be ready for flight within minutes.

ArduinoTrack Controllers

ArduinoTrack w/ HX1, Assembled

ArduinoTrack assembled with the on-board HX1 transmitter.

Sales price: $199.95

ArduinoTrack, Assembled

The ArduinoTrack assembled and tested.

Sales price: $149.95

Bare ArduinoTrack PCB v1.11

Bare ArduinoTrack PCB for assembling your own tracker.

Sales price: $19.95

HX1 Transmitter Module w/SMA

Radiometrix HX1 transmitter module on 144.39MHz.

Sales price: $59.95

FTDI Programming Cable

FTDI cable terminated for the 3 pin ArduinoTrack headers.

Sales price: $27.95

ArduinoTrack Kit

The ArduinoTrack PCB and components, kit.

Sales price: $109.95

DC Power Cord

DC power cord with 2.1mm barrel connector.

Sales price: $6.95